TX Barcode .NET License Agreement


This legal document is an agreement between you, the Licensee, and Text Control GmbH. By installing TX Barcode .NET on your computer, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree to the terms of this agreement, promptly return the unopened package, together with all the other material which comprises the product, respectively delete all TX Barcode .NET related files. For questions regarding this agreement please contact support@textcontrol.com.


1. Subject of agreement

The subject of this agreement is the software TX Barcode .NET, the operating manuals, online help files and all other accompanying material. It will be referred to henceforth as ‘TX Barcode .NET’.


2. Grant of license

Text Control GmbH grants the Licensee a non-exclusive, non-transferable, personal and worldwide license to use one copy of TX Barcode .NET in the development of an end-user application, as described in section 3 (below). This license is for a single developer and not for an entire company. If additional programmers wish to use TX Barcode .NET, additional copies must be licensed.


3. End user application

An ‘end user application’ is a specific application program that is licensed to a person or firm for business or personal use. The files which are not listed under section 5 must not be included with the end user application. Furthermore, the end user must not be in a position to be able to neither modify the program, nor to create TX Barcode .NET based programs. Likewise, the end user must not be given the TX Barcode .NET serial number. TX Barcode .NET may not be included as part of an SDK or a product that exposes similar functionality as a Web Service.


4. Royalties

TX Barcode .NET is royalty free. End user applications that have been developed with TX Barcode .NET may be distributed in an unlimited number, without paying any license fees whatsoever.


5. Redistributable files

Redistributable components are those files included in TX Barcode .NET's ‘Assembly’ folder.


6. Copyright

The Software is the property of Text Control GmbH. Text Control GmbH reserves all rights to the publishing, duplication, processing and utilization of TX Barcode .NET. A single copy may be made exclusively for security and archiving purposes. Without the express written permission of Text Control GmbH it is forbidden to:

- alter, translate, decompile, or to disassemble TX Barcode .NET;

- copy TX Barcode .NET‘s accompanying written documentation;

- lend, hire out or lease TX Barcode .NET.

A permanent transference of TX Barcode .NET is only permitted when the Licensee retains no copies and the recipient declares his acceptance of the conditions of this agreement.


7. Exclusion of warranties

Text Control GmbH offers and the Licensee accepts the product ‘as is’. Text Control GmbH does not warrant TX Barcode .NET will meet the Licensee's requirements, nor will operate uninterrupted, nor error free.


8. Liability

With the exception of damage caused by willful or gross negligence, neither Text Control GmbH nor its distributors are responsible for any damage whatsoever which is put down to the use of TX Barcode .NET. This is valid without exception, including loss of profits, lost working time, lost company information or other financial losses. In any event the liability of Text Control GmbH is limited to the purchase price.


9. Duration of Agreement

This agreement is valid for an indefinite period of time. The Licensee‘s rights as a user automatically expire if the conditions of this agreement are in any way violated. In this event all data storage material and all copies of TX Barcode .NET are to be destroyed.