VersaReports ReportServer (All Editions)

End User License Summary for Version 2.1

This is the summary of the End User License for all editions of VersaReports ReportServer.The complete End User License Agreement will be located in the installation directory where you load the software and it takes precedence over this End User License Summary.However, this Summary contains most of the same information in a readable format.

1.††† This version of the software is a fully supported release version of VersaReports ReportServer.This version of the software will never expire once properly licensed; however, the license is remotely activated for a single physical or virtual server and perpetually locked to that server unless you contact VersaReports for a replacement license in the event your hardware is decommissioned.

2.††† THE TRIAL VERSION OF THE PRODUCT HAS NO WARRANY OF ANY KIND, but you may use it for free for 30 days to determine whether it fulfills your requirements.As with most commercial software packages, USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.If you do not accept this condition, please cancel your installation now.

3.†††† VersaReports will provide support in accordance with the support package you purchased.If you have not purchased a support package, you will be provided support in accordance with VersaReportsí current support policies.We recognize that support is critical to the acceptance of the product, so VersaReports will make its best effort to satisfy all support requests in a timely manner.

4.††† This product is not SOLD, it is LICENSED on a per-server basis.A server is defined as a single computer motherboard with one or more CPUs on it located in a single physical location.This license does not permit you to resell or sublicense this software.VersaReports retains all worldwide ownership rights to this product and to all related intellectual property rights related to this program.

5.†††† Any time during or after your 30-day free trial, you may either purchase a license from VersaReports or one of its resellers or you must uninstall the product from your server.Your 30-day limited product warranty starts when you purchase the software.At the time of purchase, you may choose to purchase a one-year priority support package, the details of which are described at

6.†††† Under no circumstances are you, the end-user of this product, permitted to reverse engineer or examine the underlying compiled code.Some portions of the product are distributed in a human-readable format for you to modify or compile for your needs with this product.This code may not be used in any way for products apart from this licensed product unless permission is granted in writing from VersaReports.

7.†††† VersaReports may terminate your license at any time you violate any portion of the End User License Agreement.On termination, you are legally required to return or destroy all physical and digital materials licensed as part of this product, including any files installed.

Once you have finished loading this software, please take a moment to read the entire End User License Agreement.†† The license agreement may also be found at usage of the software indicates your acceptance of the complete End User License Agreement included with this product installation and stored on your server disk during installation.